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State of the Region 2023

On behalf of the members of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, it is our great pleasure to present our 17th annual State of the Region report. The objective of this report is to provide an assessment of the key issues affecting the region and the challenges to creating stronger and deeper ties across the region. To do so we are indebted to the over 700 respondents to our annual survey who took the time to share with us their views. We stress that this is not a survey of public opinion, but of the regional policy community – stakeholders from business; government; academia; media and civil society. 

Download: icon State of the Region Report 2023 





Chapter 1 : Asia-Pacific Outlook 

The Regional Economic Outlook

Risks to Growth

Rising Cost of Living

Climate Change as a Risk to Growth

Geo-Economic Fragmentation as Risk to Growth

Slowing Trade and Increased Protectionism

Where do Perceptions of Risk Diverge the Most?

Perceptions of the Inclusiveness of the Economic Recovery

An Inclusive Growth Agenda

Views on Trade

Making Trade Policy Work for Inclusion

Ways of Consulting with Stakeholders

Priorities for APEC Leaders

Geopolitical and Trade Tensions Remain Elevated

Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience

Structural reforms and Good regulatory Practices

Updating the region’s ambitions on climate and clean energy

Support for the multilateral trading system and the WTO

Diverging or Converging Views on Priorities?

Stakeholder Engagement Critical for More Inclusive Growth