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There are currently no vacancies at the PECC International Secretariat.



The PECC Internship program aims to provide the intern working experience in a regional organization with a multicultural environment and to interact with/and learn from experienced professionals.

Interns will be required to perform administrative duties, research, and assist with organizing PECC events, among other activities as directed. Successful applicants can expect to gain direct exposure to the work and management of a leading regional organization.

Duties of interns for example may include:

1. To provide research assistance and support to PECC projects on their areas of research.

2. To update database and information on the web pages

3. To undertake administrative duties

4. To assist with organization of PECC events.



  • The candidate should be enrolled in an undergraduate or post graduate degree program in a PECC member economy.
  • The candidate should have a demonstrated interest in the work of international organizations, international affairs, international economics and other areas addressed by PECC.
  • The candidate should be able to work for at least 4 weeks continuously at the PECC International Secretariat. 
  • The candidate must be proficient in English and possess adequate computer skills.
  • The candidate must be proposed or at least recommended by local member committees.
  • All expenses connected to the candidate’s travel to and stay in Singapore will be borne by the candidate and/or his/her sponsoring member committee/institution.
  • The candidate’s lodging/accommodation must be arranged by the candidate and/or his/her sponsoring institution.
  • The candidate must hold health/accident insurance policies coverage including hospitalization and repatriation to home economy in case of emergency.


Contact details to apply for Internship

If you meet the criteria and you want to apply for internship, please get in contact with the PECC Committee in your home economy. Click here to see contact details.


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PECC&JP Conference


Global Challenges and Regional Solutions:
Engaging Stakeholders
25 April, 2016

Discussion Forum

After the TPP: What’s Next for Canada in Asia?
Hugh Stephens, Vice-chair, CANCPEC

Can Asia transform international investment law?
Stephan W. Schill, Professor, University of Amsterdam

Inclusive Trade and Regional Integration in Asia-Pacific
John West, AUSPECC

APEC 2016: The Role and Influence of Latin America
Camilo Pérez-Restrepo, Professor in Asia-Pacific Studies; Deputy Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific Studies Center at Universidad EAFIT, Colombia

Promoting Inclusiveness of Mega FTAs for Advancing Asia-Pacific Regional Economic Integration
Chien Fu-Lin, President, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research; Chair, CTPECC

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as a Vehicle for Revitalizing the Japanese Economy and Rebuilding the World Trade Regime
Shujiro Urata, Faculty Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (REITI)


Feedback on the PECC Internship Program


Claire Hollweg (intern 2008)

Claire-Hollweg"I am very thankful to the office for providing me with a great work environment, with my own space to complete my work, but also full access to the office’s facilities."

Humberto Malave (intern 2011)

Humberto-Molave"My internship at the International Secretariat of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) was a very valuable experience, both professionally and personally. It was an experience that brought me closer to Hong Kong, introduced me to Singapore and culminated in my return to Washington, DC."

Bonnie Chiu (intern 2011)

Bonnie-Chiu"Not only did I deepen my intellectual understanding of many global issues, I also acquired practical skills. Moreover, the internship has inspired me on the future path. As a business student, I am very grateful for the exposure to the “other side” of the world – the non profit-making sector: NGOs, academics and governments."

 Callum McNair (intern 2013)

Callum-McNair"I had many interests at PECC some of which I did not think I would have had an interest in. I have an interest in the TPP, RCEP and international institutions such as PECC, APEC and ASEAN as well as regional integration."