State of the Region


Annex 1: Economic Outlook Data Tables


T1: Real economic growth and increase in consumer prices for PEO economies, 2004-2007 (%)


Note: National currency based. The weighted average is based on the respective economies' 2003-2005 total trade merchandise (see Appendix Table 8).
Source: PEO forecasters




T2: Real export and import growth for PEO economies, 2004-2007 (%)


Note: Export/Imports of goods and services. National currency based. The weighted average is based on the respective economies' 2003-2005 total trade merchandise (see Appendix Table 8).
Source: PEO forecasters.




T3: Current account of the balance of payments for the PEO economies, 2003-2007 (US$B and % of GDP)


Note: The weighted average is based on the respective economies' 2002-2004 total trade merchandise.
Source: PEO forecasters.




T4: Forecast of contributions to real GDP/GNP growth rate for PEO economies, 2006-2007 (% per year)


Note: National currency based. Components of GDP/GNP do not add up to overall growth rates for some economies, due to statistical discrepancies.
Source: PEO forecasters.



T5: Actual and forecast levels of short-term, long-term interest rates for PEO economies, 2004-2007 (%)


Source: PEO forecasters.



T6: Exchange Rates, 2004-2007 (Local Currency Per US$)


Source: PEO forecasters.



T7: GDP Deflator Index


Note: Base year = 100 unless otherwise noted.
* Australian financial year, covering Q3-Q4 of 2003 and Q1-Q2 of 2004.
Source: PEO forecasters



T8: Trade Weights, 2003-2005 average (%)


Source: Compiled from WTO Statistics. Trade Weights is the total merchandise (imports and exports) of each country over the total trade merchandise of PEO economies.


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