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Annex 3: Pacific Economic Outlook Forecasters

Pacific Economic Outlook Forecasting Panel, 2006-2007

Mr Yuen Pau Woo
President and co-CEO
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Prof Philip Adams Director,
Centre of Policy Studies Monash University

Dr Jim Storey
Senior Manager,
Portfolio Strategy RBC Financial Group

Dr Sergio Daniel Lehmann Head of International
Analysis The Central Bank of Chile

Prof Yang Ping Institute of Investment,
National Development and
 Reform Commission of China

Chinese Taipei
Dr Miao Chen
Associate Research Fellow
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Dr Andres Velasco
Analyst, Inflation Section
Central Bank of Colombia Dr Juan Mauricio Ramirez
Director,Department of Macroeconomic
Analysis and Inflation Central Bank of Colombia
Mr Luis Narvaez
Deputy Executive Secretary
Ecuadorean Committee
to the Pacific Basin

Hong Kong
Dr Alan Siu
The University of Hong Kong

Dr Muhammad Chatib Basri
Director of the Institute for
Economic and Social Research
University of Indonesia

Prof Yoshihisa Inada Professor
of Economics Konan University

Dr Hangyong Lee Fellow
Korea Development Institute Malaysia
Dr Rahamat Bivi Yusoff Economic Planning Unit
Prime Minister's Department Mexico
Dr Sergio Luna Martinez
Vice-President,Economic Research Banamex-Citigroup

New Zealand
Dr Alice Wang Economist
New Zealand Institute
of Economic Research

The Philippines
Dr Cayetano Paderanga, Jr.
President and Chief Executive
Officer CIBI Information, Inc.
Dr Elmer Cuba Senior Economist Macroconsult SA

Dr Mun Heng Toh
Associate Professor,Department of Business
Policy National University of Singapore

Dr Pattama Teanravisitsagool
Executive Director of Macroeconomic Policy Office
The Office of the National Economic and
Social Development Board

Prof Saul H. Hymans
Director, Research Seminar in
Quantitative Economics (RSQE)
Professor Emeritus of Economics
University of Michigan


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