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default Towards a More Resilient Society: Lessons from Economic Crises Popular

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Towards a More Resilient Society: Lessons from Economic Crises



Making Pension Promises More Credible in Asia-Pacific Economies
Prof. Mukul G. Asher

Social Resilience, Means-testing, and Capital Taxation – Reflections on Economic Paradigms
Dr. Cagri Kumru and Dr. John Piggott

Social Issues and Policy Agendas in Korea
Dr. Hyungpyo Moon
Development of Pension Arrangements and Future Pension Policy Issues in Japan
Prof. Noriyuki Takayama

The Medical Insurance System in Japan
Dr. Miho Sekimoto and Prof. Masako Ii

Insuring the no- or low-income population and balancing the income inequality:the National Health Insurance program as the base of Japan’s social security
Dr. Etsuji Okamoto

Health System Reforms in China: Is Universal Coverage Enough to Solvethe Problems?
Ms. Hiroko Uchimura

Employment Structure and Unemployment Insurance in East Asia:Establishing Social Protection for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth 
Dr. Yasuhiro Kamimura

Unemployment Insurance in Thailand: Rationales for the Early Introductionin a Second-Tier Newly Industrializing Economy
Prof. Yasuhito Asami

Employment Insurance and Active Labor Market Policies in Chinese Taipei
Dr. Ke-Jeng Lan and Dr. Wen-Chi Chou

Employment insurance system in Korea and recent revision
Dr. Myoung-Jung Kim

Employment Insurance and Active Labor Market Programs in Japan
Prof. Naoki Mitani

The Determinants of Saving Rates in the Developed and Developing Economies: The Impact of Social Safety Nets
Prof. Charles Yuji Horioka

Uncertainty of Public Pension and Precautionary Saving in Japan — Evidence from the Micro Data of Close-to-retirement Households
Prof. Wataru Suzuki and Dr. Yanfei Zhou




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