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PECC APEC 2020 coverIn 1994 APEC Leaders committed to the Bogor Goals to achieve free trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region by 2020. That commitment underpinned substantial efforts over the last 25 years to open up trade, and the higher levels of economic integration and interconnectedness that have provided significant economic benefits across all APEC economies.

Today in the face of considerable new challenges, including rising trade tensions, real threats to the multilateral trading system, the impact of the digital economy and new technologies and the challenges posed by climate change, it is imperative that APEC commit to a Vision for the next twenty years - a Vision that embraces all sectors of society in an inclusive way.

This PECC signature project proposes a Vision for APEC Beyond 2020 and recommends a set of key priorities for APEC. The proposed Vision is deliberately broader than the goal of freer trade and investment. It envisages

“An Asia-Pacific community of open interconnected, and innovative economies cooperating to deliver opportunity, prosperity and a sustainable future to all their peoples.”


(A Vision for APEC 2040 report can be downloaded here)