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2021 CNCPEC Amb Zhan YongxinIn January 2021, with the unanimous consent from the council of CNCPEC, Amb. Zhan Yongxin was appointed as the chair of CNCPEC.

Amb. Zhan Yongxin was born in Shanghai in January 1957. He has a bachelor's degree in world economics from Peking University and a master's degree in international economic relations from China Foreign Affairs University.

Amb. Zhan Yongxin served as Second Secretary, Department of International Organizations and Conferences, MFA, Counsellor, Embassy of PRC in Canada, Deputy Director-General, Policy Planning Department, MFA, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner's Office of MFA in Hong Kong SAR, Director-General, Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, MFA, Ambassador of the PRC to Israel.

CNCPEC thanks Amb. Su Ge for leading the work in conducting research on Asia-Pacific cooperation and promoting the communication between domestic and foreign localities and enterprises in the past three years. CNCPEC looks forward to continuing to make contributions to China's participation in Pacific economic cooperation under the leadership of Chair Zhan Yongxin.