GM-2009-Cheng-SiweiMr. Cheng Siwei, a renowned Chinese economist and former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress, died of illness early Sunday in Beijing at the age of 80. Mr. Cheng was former chairman of China National Democratic Construction Association Central Committee and former leader of the National Association of Vocational Education of China.

Mr. Cheng was pro-liberalization and Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. As Honorary Chairman of CNCPEC, Mr. Cheng was highly supportive of the PECC process. Since the 16th PECC General Meeting held in Seoul in 2005, he attended several other PECC meetings. He never missed an annual meeting of CNCPEC and graced with his presence a host of international events organized by CNCPEC. He attended the annual PECC Tianjin Trade and Investment Fairs, his tight schedules notwithstanding. Last year, he happily addressed the delegates of the 22nd PECC GM, sharing his insight and visions on the world, regional economic situation and cooperation, as well as his philosophy on harmony and diversity.

Mr. Cheng Siwei's passing is indeed a great loss to the PECC community. He was a man of great wisdom, and his spirit for regional economic cooperation as Prof. Cheng has always advocated will be carried on.

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