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FTAAP Dialogue May 2 2023
A multi-year project led by AUSPECC to advance regional thinking on inclusive growth, economic integration, stability and cooperation in the region.

The intention is to lead a fresh conversation about the value of enhanced cooperation and regional integration, in order to better develop ideas about how to proceed to those goal, and to use the concept of an FTAAP as a framework for this conversation.  

The aim is to:

  • Explore how an FTAAP work program based on advancing the concept of an FTAAP can best achieve prospective opportunities and address regional challenges;  
  • Complement and add value to existing discussions on an FTAAP concept in APEC, including in the CTI, ABAC and among member economies;
  • Provide a vision of enhanced cooperation and integration in the region, including developing concrete proposals to build momentum as APEC advances towards its 2040 Putrajaya Vision;
  • Build understanding and cooperative policy making by engaging all APEC economies, business and academia.

PECC Signature Project: FTAAP Pathways to Prosperity

 Virtual Dialogue: FTAAP - Charting a pathway for Trade in turbulence times | Australia | 20 May 2023

 Summary: FTAAP Pathways to Prosperity Meeting | Seattle, USA | 14 August 2023