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PECC International Project 2017-2018: Sustainable Development and Circular Economy - Seminar 2: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

From November 20, 2017 until November 21, 2017
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A PECC International Project 2017 - 2018


Seminar 2: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism


Pape'ete, French Polynesia

November 20-21, 2017





Monday, 20th November 2017

 0830 - 0900


 0900 - 0910

 Welcome and Opening Remarks

 0910 - 0945

 Keynote Address

 0935 - 0945

 Group Photo

 0945 - 1145

 Session 1: Tourism and Economic Development

  • How is the concept of circular economy applied to tourism?

  • Regional tourism outlook and forecasts for Asia-Pacific economies

  • Tourism as a source of inclusive development

  • Supply chain management in tourism industry: transport, accommodation, hospitality, tour guide, recreational activities, site conservation, etc.

  • Luxury tourism and luxury hospitality

  • Alternative forms of tourism:  ecotourism, education tourism, medical tourism

 1200 - 1300


 1300 - 1505

 Session 2: Tourism and Environmental Protection

  • What are the existing land use rights and what could be done for a more appropriate use of land, namely in coastal areas and island territories?  Are there competing land use rights impacting sustainable and responsible tourism?

  • The development of eco-construction and eco-buildings for tourism. How would “smart buildings” be promoted (lower energy consumption, integrated sewage, reuse of water, SWAC) to the lower the environmental impact on the most sensitive areas?

  • Given global climate change models and potential impact on island nations and sea-level tourism destinations, what can be done to develop resiliency strategies for sustainable tourism?  What are risks to tourism-centric economies if this natural features and access points are threatened by sea level rise?

  • How should we manage clean transportation in coastal and/or recreational sites?

 1505 - 1525

 Coffee Break

 1525 - 1700

 Session 3: Island Territories

  • How could island economies limit or mitigate the negative effects of tourism on environmental and cultural features?

  • Could tourism benefit these territories, e.g., attract foreign direct investments, necessitating infrastructure development?

  • Could we ensure that tourism activities are compatible with the conservation of tangible and intangible cultural and ecological heritage sites?

 1800 - 1900

 Welcome Reception


Tuesday, 21st November 2017

 0900 - 1035

Session 4: Working with Local Communities

  • Tourism and local employment, local economic development, local investment and tourism-dollar capture

  • Training, education and advancement opportunities for local people

  • Conservation and education, corporate social responsibility programs

 1035 - 1100

Coffee Break

 1100 - 1240

Session 5: Next-Generation Tourism

  • Youth and tourism

  • Restoration tourism

  • New trends

 1240 - 1330


 1330 - 1430

 Open Discussion & Conclusion - The Policy Dimensions


 Closing Dinner

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