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PECC XXIX: The 29th PECC General Meeting

On November 03, 2022
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PECC XXIX General Meeting

Asia Pacific Economy beyond Thailand APEC 2022

3 November 2022, Thursday

The Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, Bangkok


(As of 2 November 2022)

3 November 2022, Thursday

09:00 - 09:30   Opening Session

Master of Ceremony
  • Dr Anuson Chinvanno, Director, International Studies Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Welcoming Remarks:
  • Dr Narongchai Akrasanee, Chair, TNCPEC

Opening Remarks:

  • Ambassador Zhan Yongxin, CNCPEC Chair and PECC Co-Chair

Keynote Address (pre-recorded)
( pdf speech (202 KB) )
  • H.E. Mr Don Pramudwinai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand

09:30 - 10:45   Session 1: The Disruption affecting APEC Connectivity during 2016-2022

  • Ms Loreto Leyton, Executive Director, Chile Pacific Foundation and chair CHILPEC


Achieving Better Logistics to Ensure Supply Chain Connectivity
( pdf presentation (958 KB) )

  • Dr Sherry Stephenson, PECC Services Network

“The Resilience of the International Production Networks (under COVID-19 and geopolitical tension)”
( pdf presentation (536 KB) )

  • Dr Fukunari Kimura, Keio University

  • Professor Sung-Hoon Park, Korea University
  • Prof. Liu Chenyang, Nankai University

Open Discussion

10:45 - 11:00   Coffee/Tea Break

11:00 - 13:00   Session 2: Trends of Trade and Investment Liberalization/Restrictions of APEC Economies Beyond 2022

  • Prof. Christopher Findlay, Vice-Chair AusPECC


“Trends in Trade Liberalization and Restrictiveness”
( pdf presentation (409 KB) )

  • Prof Simon J. Evenett, Coordinator, Global Trade Alert

“Challenges to and Strategies for Supply Chain in APEC in the next decade" 
( pdf presentation (273 KB) )

  • Dr Heungchong Kim, President of KIEP and Chair KOPEC

“The patterns of FDI flows and GVC Trade in the APEC Region”

  • Prof. Lin Guijun, University of International Business and Economics

  • Ms. Pamela Mar, Managing Director of the Digital Standards Initiative (DSI) of the International Chamber of  Commerce
  • Prof Shujiro Urata, Professor Emeritus at Waseda University
  • Dr Yose Rizal Damuri, Executive Director CSIS and Co-Chair INCPEC


13:00 - 14:00   Lunch

14:00 - 16:00   Session 3: APEC Cooperation to enhance the Development of the BCG Economy; Impact on Climate Change

  • Dr. Adis Israngkura, Thailand Development Research Institute


“The role of carbon markets on reducing emissions in the APEC region”

  • Dr Craig Emerson, Director, The Australian APEC Study Centre

“VN & APEC cooperation for enhancing BCG growth”
( pdf presentation (403 KB) )

  • Dr Vo Tri Thanh, Chairman of VNCPEC

  • Mr Pascal Lamy, Chair, FPTPEC 


"Carbon Pricing and a new carbon credit market in Japan: JCM and the JX league"
( pdf presentation (1.09 MB) )

  • Prof Toshi H. Arimura, Waseda University

  • Dr Jiwon Park, Associate Research Fellow, KIEP
  • Dr Shiro Armstrong, ANU


16:00 - 16:15   Break

16:15 - 17:00   Session 4: Conclusion

  • Dr Narongchai Akrasanee, Chair, TNCPEC
  • Mr Jusuf Wanandi, former PECC Chair, INCPEC

17:00 - 17:15   Closing Remarks
  • Dr Richard Cantor, USPECC Chair and PECC Co-Chair


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ASEAN-China cooperation in time of COVID-19 pandemic
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