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APEC Senior Officials Public Private Dialogue on Services

On May 17, 2015
At Boracay
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May 17th 2015
Boracay, Aklan, Philippines


In Partnership with
the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)
and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)





A Public-Private Dialogue on Manufacturing, Agriculture and Environment-related Services


Welcome Remarks

  • Doris Magsaysay Ho, ABAC 2015 Chair

Opening Remarks

  • Ambassador Laura Q Del Rosario, APEC 2015 SOM Chair


Opening Session: Services and Inclusive Growth

This session will introduce the objective of the Dialogue to promote and advance trade and investment in services as a path to achieve inclusive growth. It will discuss how enabling services can help transform traditional sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture and the environmental infrastructure, into modern, efficient, and globally competitive industries. The session will also address how trade and investment in services can lead to job creation and integration of the population into the economic and social mainstream.


  • Glenda T. Reyes, Component Lead for Trade and Investment Policy, USAID Trade Project Philippines


  • Sherry Stephenson, Senior Fellow, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (download)
  • Sebastian Saez, Co-Author of "Valuing Services in Trade: A Toolkit for Competitiveness Diagnostics, World Bank (download)

Open Forum/ Q&A


Session 1: Manufacturing-related Services

Services play a key role in enabling trade in goods. Services related to manufacturing are crucial to the smooth flow of goods trade, from production to consumption. Recognizing the intensification of the services content in manufacturing, or 'Servicification', this session will highlight the vital role of services in supporting modern manufacturing processes. Speakers will share their experiences and lessons learned for utilizing services to advance the manufacturing sector, and identify the critical success factors for developing an efficient supply chain that supports the sector. Suggested policy responses to promote and advance trade and investment in manufacturing-related services may also be offered.


  • Gloria O. Pasadilla, Senior Analyst, APEC Policy Support Unit, Singapore


  • Patrick Low, Senior Vice President, Fung Global Institute, Hong Kong (download)
  • Kohei Shiino, Director, International Economic Research Division, Overseas Research Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) (download)
  • Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås, Senior Economist, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (download)
  • Joey B. Turano, President and General Manager, Austal Philippines (download)
  • Jocot De Dios, CEO, General Electric Philippines (download)

Open Forum/ Q&A




Special Session: Innovation and Manufacturing

Innovation plays a key role in driving growth in the manufacturing sector. Recognizing that the manufacturing sector cannot rely on increasing global demand to sustain continuous growth, firms are increasingly innovating new enabling services. This session will underscore the critical role of innovation, including technology and research and development, to help firms adapt to global competitive pressures. Suggestions on how the Asia-Pacific region can foster greater innovation in the manufacturing sector will be explored.


  • Richard Lee, Chairman, Inventec Corporation (download)

Open Forum/ Q&A


Session 2: Agriculture-related Services

Services play a key role in enabling trade in agriculture. Agriculture-related services, such as logistics, cold-chain services, and agricultural research and development, are crucial in ensuring modern and efficient agricultural production processes; as well the smooth movement of agriculture, from the producer to consumers. This session will highlight the vital role of a modern and efficient supply chain for businesses that seek access to regional and global markets. It will also address the important role of services in improving agriculture techniques. Speakers will share their experiences and insights for using services to support a modern and competitive agriculture sector. Suggested policy responses to promote and advance trade and investment in agriculture-related services may also be offered.


Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås, Senior Economist, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


  • Ian Ferguson, Departmental Science Advisor, New Zealand Ministr of Primary Industries (download)
  • Christopher Findlay, Executive Dean, The University of Adelaide, Australia (download)
  • Pierre-Olivier Deplanck, Chief Executive Officer, Rustan Supercenters, Inc. (download)
  • Eddie Chew, Head of Corporate Affairs, ASEAN of Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (download)

Open Forum/ Q&A


Session 3: Environmental-related Services

Increasing environmental policies and changing consumer preferences and needs are driving the market for environment-related services, from urban planning and green architecture, to renewable energy services. Trade in environment-related services can assist economies in the transition to a green economy by promoting more widespread use of efficient and cost-effective environmental technologies. However, trade and investment in the sector is not always straightforward because environmental services, such as waste management, and water and power services, are often provided by the public sector. This season addresses the opportunities and challenges for trade in environment-related services. Speakers will share their experiences and insights on sector developments, and suggest policy responses and reforms to facilitate trade and investment while considering economies' right to regulate services.


  • Charles E. Morrison, President, East-West Center


  • Quan Zhao, Trade in Services Officer, International Trade Centre (ITC) (download)
  • Hirofumi Ishizaka, Senior Researcher, PC-Institute for Global Environment Research (PC-IGER) Overseas Division Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. (download)
  • Sven Beraud-Sudreau, Director, Industrial Development - South East Asia, Veolia Environnement
  • Yangyang Li, Department of Consulting, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (download)
  • Johannes Benjamin R. Bernabe, Ll.B., Corporate Secretary, Center for Advancement of Trade Integration and Facilitation (CATIF) (download)

 Open Forum/ Q&A


Session 4: Increasing GVC Participation Through Public-Private Collaboration

Trade in services has a critical role in GVCs. The APEC Strategic Blueprint for Promoting Global Value Chains Development and Cooperation defines APEC's commitment to promote open, efficient, and internationally-competitive service sectors, and maximize the contribution that services can make to strong, resilient and reliable supply chains in this region. This session addresses how collaboration between the public and private streams can create an enabling environment for GVC growth. Practical action points and approaches to improve public-private collaboration in services, and possible avenues to achieve optiomal collaboration, will be explored.


  • Jane Drake-Brockman, Senior Service Advisor, International Trade Centre (download)

Open Forum / Q&A


Closing Remarks

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