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PECC VII: Seventh PECC General Meeting

From November 11, 1989 until November 14, 1989
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The Seventh PECC General Meeting

Nov 12 - Nov 15, 1989
Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday, Nov 12



Assembly of all participants for Traditional Maori Welcome


Traditional Maori Welcome and Challenge by Te Kupenga Maori Concert Group


Opening Session


  • Rt. Hon. Brian E Talboys


Welcoming Address

  • The Hon. Mike Moore (to be introduced by HE Dr. Thanat Khoman)


Report on PECC Between Conferences

  • Rt. Hon. Brian E Talboys


Keynote Speech

  • Dr. Saburo Okita


Welcoming Reception (Sponsored by the New Zealand Bankers’ Association)


Dinner (Hosted by the New Zealand Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation)


Address by:

  • Sir Ronald Trotter (New Zealand), Immediate Past International President, Pacific Basin Economic Council

Monday, November 13

0900 - 1030

Session I: Pacific Economic Outlook


  • Mr. Chandra Das, MP, (Singapore)


  • HE Zainal Abidin Sulong (Malaysia)
  • Professor Yasukichi Yasuba (Japan)


  • Professor Lawrence B Krause (USA)

Open Discussion

1030- 1100

Coffee Break

1100 - 1230

Session II: Economic Adjustment Policies in the Pacific




  • Dr. Nam Duck-Woo (Korea)



  • Professor Ali Wardhana (Indonesia)
  • Mr. Warwick Keng (PBEC – Australia)



  • Dr. Seiji Naya (USA)


Open Discussion

1230 - 1415


1415 - 1515

Session III: The Pacific and the Future of the International Monetary and Financial System




  • Dr. William G. Saywell (Canada)



  • Dr. Amnuay Viravan (Thailand)


Open Discussion

1515 - 1545

Coffee Break


1545 - 1715


Session IV: The Pacific and the Future of the International Trading System


  • Dr. Chen-Fu Koo, Chair, (Chinese Taipei)


  • Professor Ross Garnaut (Australia)
  • Dr. Ki-Hwan Kim (Korea)
  • Ambassador Michael Smith (USA)



  • Professor H E English (Canada)
  • Sir Frank Holmes (New Zealand)


Open Discussion


1900 - 1930


1930 - 2100

Dinner (Sponsored by Brierley Investments Limited)


Tuesday, November 14


0900 -1000


Session V: Pacific Cooperation in Environmental Matters



  • Ambassador Richard Fairbanks III, (USA)


  • Professor Emil Salim, (Indonesia)
  • Dr. Roger Blakeley (New Zealand)
  • Mr. Andre Saumier (Canada)

Open Discussion


1000 - 1030 Coffee Break

1030 – 1230

Session VI: The Role of PECC in the 1990s and Pacific Institutions


  • Dr. Pu Shan (China)


  • Mr. Jusuf Wanandi (Indonesia)

Open Discussion

1230 - 1415



1415 - 1530


Session VII: Task Force Reports and Proposals for Action



  • Sir Russell Madigan OBE, (Australia)


  • Task Force Coordinators:
  • Task Force on Fisheries Development and Cooperation
  • Agricultural Policy, Trade and Development Task Force
  • Pacific Island Nations Task Force


Open Discussion


1530 - 1600

Coffee Break


1600 - 1730

Session VII - continued



  • Dr. Noordin Sopiee (Malaysia)


Speakers – Task Force Coordinators:

  • Minerals and Energy Forum
  • Science and Technology Task Force
  • Transport, Telecommunications and Tourism Task Force


Other Proposals


Open Discussion

1930 - 2100

Dinner – Sponsored by Fletcher Challenge Limited


Wednesday, November 15


1000 – 1200

Special Statements


Conference Conclusions


Closing of PECC VII


  • Rt. Hon Brian E Talboys
  • Mr. Chandra Das, MP

1215 – 1345

Farewell Luncheon – Sponsored by New Zealand Insurance Corporation

Guest Speaker:

  • The Rt Hon Geoffrey Palmer

1400 – 1430

Media Conference

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